About deepCBDs®

deepCBDs is a Florida-based women majority owned hemp lifestyle wellness brand that offers premium quality hemp plant-based CBD rich products designed to nurture your mind and body from the moment you wake to when you sink into your pillow at night.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver quality, safe to use natural hemp plant-based products that help you feel good so you can better enjoy your days and nights.

Our Standards

Farm Bill Compliant Icon

deepCBDs only sources hemp plants that are grown by Farm Bill compliant hemp farms that are located in the United States, primarily from the State of Oregon.

organically grown hemp icon

deepCBDs only sources hemp plants that are organically grown without pesticides and are non-GMO.

good manufacturing practices icon

All products are made under systematic procedures to ensure they are consistently produced under controlled quality standards in accordance with good manufacturing practices.

third party lab tested icon

deepCBDs has all product batches tested by an accredited third party laboratory for composition, potency and contamination limits. deepCBDs makes its lab reports for every CBD product batch available to you for viewing. You can view the cannabinoid content, the cannabinoid potency, and that our CBD product passed for contamination and is safe to use.

0.3 percent or less THC icon

deepCBDs ensures all of its Hemp Extract Full Spectrum products contain the legally permissible amount of 0.3% or less THC.

non-intoxicating icondeepCBDs does not sell intoxicating CBD products.

feel good, look good, be happy