63% of Survey Participants Find CBD Helps Back Pain

Can CBD help back pain?  A research study was performed specifically on the use of cannabidiol (CBD) as a treatment option for varying types of chronic pain conditions to help address this question. In this study, the researchers surveyed patients to learn whether they used CBD, where they felt pain, what their attitudes were on CBD, and what their experiences were with using CBD for pain management. The researchers recruited a total of 253 pain patient participants from several pain management clinics in Southern California to complete a 32 question online survey.

Key highlights:

  • 67.3% found CBD helps back pain
  • 44.7% found CBD helps nerve pain
  • 46.7% found CBD helps neck pain

What questions did the CBD survey ask?

The survey had a total of 32 questions that asked about the participants demographics, the type of pain they were experiencing, whether CBD was effective, and what they thought and believed about CBD in general.

Did the participants know about CBD?

The survey asked participants if they had heard or was aware of CBD.  80.6% of respondents said they heard about CBD from someone using a CBD product and 78.1% reported knowing someone who benefited from using CBD.

Also, 29.6% of respondents indicated they heard about CBD from their treating providers who had recommended they use a CBD product for their pain.

The survey also asked participants if they were interested in learning more about the use of CBD to treat their condition and 91.9% indicated they were.

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Did the participants try a CBD product for pain? Did they believe CBD helped their condition?   

Participants were asked if they had tried a CBD product and whether they believed it helped their condition. Among all participants, 62% reported using a CBD product for pain. Among these, 39.1% found CBD helped “A lot”, 19.9% found CBD helped “Completely”, 31.8% found CBD helped “A little bit”, and less than one percent found CBD didn’t help at all.

What type of pain did CBD help?  

The survey asked CBD-using participants to identify where they felt pain (e.g., back, neck, nerve, limb, fibromyalgia, migraines) and if CBD was effective for them. Based on the 62% that used CBD, the participants reported the following:

  • 67.3% found CBD helps back pain
  • 44.7% found CBD helps nerve pain
  • 46.7% found CBD helps neck pain
  • 33.3% found CBD helps migraines
  • 23.3% found CBD helps limb pain
  • 20.7% found CBD helps fibromyalgia

Also, 53.7% of the participants reported a reduction in pain medications by using a CBD product.

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What type of CBD product was used?

The researchers wanted to learn what type of CBD product the participants used for their pain. Based responses from the 62% CBD-using respondents:

  • 62.9% reported inhaling/smoking CBD,
  • 54.3% used CBD edibles,
  • 52.3% used a CBD oil drop tincture
  • 49.7% used a CBD topical ointment, oil or cream
  • 22.5% used a CBD capsule

Schilling JM, Hughes CG, Wallace MS, Sexton M, Backonja M, Moeller-Bertram T. Cannabidiol as a Treatment for Chronic Pain: A Survey of Patients’ Perspectives and Attitudes. J Pain Res. 2021;14:1241-1250 https://doi.org/10.2147/JPR.S278718

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