6 Ways to Get Back Into a Positive Mindset

A positive mindset includes happiness, confidence, being in control, stability, motivation, and optimism. At times, a positive mindset can be influenced by different types of stressors that individually or collectively shift us from a positive state of mind to a negative state of mind. Stressors like perceived and actual losses, negative circumstances, negative people, negative feelings, and your own self-doubt can sway a mindset from being positive to negative. Instead of feeling happy and hopeful, you feel negative, sad, down, unmotivated, frustrated, angry, tired and/or lost. It’s a challenging time to go through, but, on the upside, one that you can get through and thrive. You’re here because your consciously finding ways to help uplift you, motivate you, and get you back into a positive way of living.

How do you get back to having a positive state of mind? Here are 6 ways to help swing you back to having a positive mindset.


Commit To Make It Happen

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Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll consciously find ways to cultivate a positive mindset and honor it. Think of your getting back to having a positive mindset as a goal. A goal needs a plan, and a plan needs implementation. Your plan must include finding supportive ways to boost your spirit and to uplift your within so you can move forward. You must be dedicated to your goal, aware of whether what you’re doing is effective or not and stick to your plan until your goal is reached. When you’re feeling frail, which may likely happen at times from time to time during this time, remind yourself that what your feeling is just temporary, and like all things it too shall pass.


Summon Your Mental Strength

summon your mental strength

A person with a positive mindset has mental strength. Life reveals that not every person is or can be a positive person, even if the person claims h/she is or want to be. You, on the other hand, are blessed because you are not that every person. You have built up resilience to deal with and conquer the negativity occupying your mind and harming the quality of your life. You have the power, the power of mental strength, to consciously shift your thoughts and feelings from a state of negativity to positivity, no matter what you’re facing. All you need to do is summon it.

Summon the strength that’s within you. No matter how you feel, dig down to find that strength and revive it. You have power to empower yourself. Use it.


Choose Faith Over Fear

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Choose to remain positive and believe that everything will be okay. A positive mindset can turn negative when things haven’t worked out and when things are not working out. In such cases, you may start to feel doubtful and fearful.

Fear is repressive. Fear keeps you feeling doubtful, low, unhappy and can prevent you from seeing opportunities, going after what you want, and moving forward. Faith, on the other hand, is elevating. Faith keeps you confident, eager, inspired and driven to pursue the things you want.  Fear and faith are very different beliefs, but they are both beliefs. Both fear and faith require you to believe in something that you cannot see but believe will happen. You have the power to choose in what you believe. Use your power to banish your fear. Summon your mental strength to have faith to get back on track to having a positive mindset.


Let Go & Move On


You can’t move on if you hold on. Let go and move on.

To help shift your negative mindset to a positive one, identify why or what is causing you to feel and think negative. Ask yourself, “what is causing me to feel this way?”, “who is causing me to feel this way?” When you go through this exercise, you can identify the source. When you identify the source of your negativity, you’ve gained new and potentially powerful knowledge. This knowledge can empower you if you work with it, and in the right way. Some say that knowledge is power. That’s not entirely true. How many people do you know that have a wealth of knowledge, but they continually make bad decisions or do nothing with the knowledge they have? That’s not power or empowering. Knowledge is only powerful when you know how to navigate with it.

Empower yourself with knowledge about you, your state of mind, and the sources that influence your way of thinking and acting. If it helps write it down, talk to someone you trust, or seek professional advice. Should you find the process of getting back to a positive mindset not so fun, hard, or even a little distressing, remember your goal and summon your mental strength to push through it.

Some find it helpful to objectify the situation by imagining someone else going through what you are now. Try it if you haven’t already. Imagine a friend is struggling to getting back to having a positive mindset. Imagine that friend seeks your advice. How would you guide your friend on getting back into a positive state of mind?

Sometimes taking a detached look in from the outside can provide you with more clarity, better rationale thinking, a different perspective and a new outlook. Letting go can be harder or longer for some; every person is different. No matter the amount of time it takes to let go, live in these moments only for their purpose – learning, growing, and moving onward and upward.


Do Stuff that Makes You Feel Good


Engage in activities that make you feel good because that feel good stuff also impacts your mind. You have no limitations on what to choose, just anything that makes you feel good. Every person is different, and this means you need to tailor your activities around your goal to getting back to a positive mindset. Find stuff to do and incorporate into your routine that will help relax you, make you laugh, inspire you, motivate you, fuel you, boost your happiness level, appreciate the things you have, and just gives you more room to breathe.


Self-Affirm with Positive Affirmations


Self-affirmations are acts that affirm one’s self-worth and can be successful to reduce the effect of negative emotions. When you affirm something, you declare as it true. Declare the opposite of what you’re feeling and what you want to feel and experience in life and do it daily. Don’t just the say words to say them because that’s not really committing yourself to getting back to having a positive mindset. You have to mean the words you say and genuinely believe in them to help sway your mindset from negative to positive. Choose positive words to self-affirm. Self-affirmations are personal and unique to you. Select short but powerful affirmations that you relate to, that inspire you, and that you actually believe so that the impact of those words on you help nurture and boost your mind to getting back to a positive frame of mind.

Our words have power. They impact others, but they also impact us. – Michael Hyatt

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