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CBD Consumer Survey Results

In the first quarter of 2019, Harris Poll + Quartz conducted a survey that asked over 2,000 American adults about their use of CBD (short for cannabidiol), why the use CBD, and how they perceive CBD.  Their data revealed that both women and men across all generations are turning to CBD for a multitude of reasons ranging from using CBD to relax to using CBD to relieve stress to using CBD to enhance their sexual experiences.

Here, we highlight some of their key findings.

Reasons for CBD Use

young African American adult woman with hands behind her head and expressing relaxation


use CBD to relax

young adult man holding his head, sitting outside, by the water


use CBD for stress/anxiety

young adult woman sleeping in bed with grey cover


use CBD to improve sleep

woman in athletic wear, holding calf area, facial expression is pain


use CBD for muscle pain

black and white image, woman's back with head down, in pain


use CBD for chronic pain

man jogger holding wrist, joint pain


use CBD for joint pain

man holding temples, migraine


use CBD to treat migraines

young adult woman, face cream on cheek


use CBD for skin care

man and woman in bed, brown silk sheets, intimacy


use CBD for sexual enhancement

CBD Use by Gender

The reasons women and men use CBD slightly varied in numbers. Among the genders, more women than men:

  • use CBD to relax (56% of women versus 53% of men
  • use CBD to relieve stress/anxiety (53% of women versus 47% of men)
  • use CBD to relieve muscle pain (46% of women versus 42% of men)
  • use CBD to relieve chromic pain (42% of women versus 36% of men)
  • use CBD to relieve joint pain (42% of women versus 35% of men)
  • use CBD to treat migraines (24% of women versus 17% of men)

Men, on the other hand, were found more than women to use CBD to improve sleep (46% of men versus 44% of women), to use CBD socially (28% of men versus 15% of women), and for spiritual use (16% of men versus 9% of women).

CBD: A Wellness Aid

Among the 2,000 Americans surveyed, the data revealed that CBD is considered to be a wellness aid and not a recreational drug like marijuana and alcohol.

While not reported, one reason Americans likely view CBD as a wellness aid is because CBD has no intoxicating side effects like those produced by marijuana and alcohol. Another reason might be because the survey participants heard or learned about the potential health and wellness benefits CBD has to offer and their actually experiencing one or more of those benefits.

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