Survey Shows CBD Improves Post-Workout Recovery

Why people use CBD and what benefits they experience have primarily been explored for managing feelings of the mind like stress and anxiety and improving physical discomfort like pain and inflammation. Data reported by different surveys has shown that CBD has helped some with reducing stress/anxiety, chronic pain, muscle pain, back pain, joint pain, inflammation, arthritis symptoms, and improving mood, energy, mobility, relaxation, and sleep.

The use of CBD or THC as part of a workout routine remains a novel area of inquiry. In the interim, a recent consumer survey by FitRated focused on this very topic with respect to working out during the pandemic – that is, how CBD and THC impact workout performance and post-workout recovery during the COVID-19.

This 2021 survey consisted of 1,000 people who use CBD products (26%), THC products (29%), or both CBD and THC products (45%), and who use these cannabis products as part of their workout routine. 54% of respondents identified as male, 45% as female, and 1% as nonbinary or nonconforming.

CBD, THC and Workouts: Survey Results

Best workouts fueled by CBD and THC 

The survey asked participants which type of workout they believe is better with CBD use and THC use. Workout types included walking, running, lifting weights, cycling, elliptical training, yoga, HIIT, swimming, ball sports (football, soccer, baseball, etc.), martial arts, CrossFit, and rowing.

Among THC users, the top ranked THC fueled workout is running (36.4%) followed by walking (33.3%) as the second best and lifting weights (21.3%) as the third best.

Among CBD users, the top ranked CBD fueled workout is walking (27.1%) followed by lifting weights (26.3%) as the second best and running (24.4%) as the third best.

While running, walking and lifting weights ranked differently among the THC and CBD users, all users agree that these three types of workouts are better when using THC or CBD.

Timing of use

The survey asked participants if they use CBD or THC before, during, or after their workouts.

Among all participants:

  • 62.9% use CBD or THC after they workout
  • 36.2% use CBD or THC before they workout, and
  • 24.1% use CBD or THC during their workout

Breaking this down by cannabinoid preference, most CBD users use their CBD product after they workout (71.1%) while almost half of THC users use their THC product before (49.8%) and after (49.1%) they workout.

Workout reasons for using CBD or THC  

The survey revealed that one reason participants use THC before a workout is for motivation.  Among the THC users, nearly half (48.1%) reported using THC to help get them motivated to workout.

Conversely, the CBD users mostly used CBD after a workout to help recover from the workout.  Among the CBD users, 29.9% indicated using CBD specifically as a post-workout recovery aid.  When compared to THC users, the study found that CBD users are less likely to report feeling tension and pain after a workout.


The complete survey, Working Out High During COVID-19, can be viewed here.

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