Survey: 50% of US Pet Owners Give CBD to Their Pet

Leafreport distributed a consumer survey to US-based pet owners to explore CBD use with pets, including if pet owners use CBD products with their dog and cat, why they give CBD to their dog and cat, how much CBD they give their pet, and whether CBD was effective for their dog or cat. The data from this recently published survey provided insightful data on the of use CBD pet products. The survey collected responses from 727 pet owners who reported using CBD with their pet for various reasons, including helping their pet’s stress and anxiety, their pet’s pain, and to support their pet’s general health.

Survey respondents were between 18-65 years old. 51% of pet owners identified as female and 49% identified as male. 77% of respondents have a dog and 22% have a cat.

The Survey Results

Reasons for Trying Pet CBD Products

The survey asked pet owners what influenced them to try CBD with their pets. Among the 727 CBD using pet owners,

  • 38% tried CBD because their vet recommended CBD for their pet
  • 24% tried CBD after researching solutions for their pet’s health problem
  • 20% tried CBD themselves, and
  • 17% tried CBD because they heard about CBD for pets from other people

Reason for Using Pet CBD Products

Pet owners reported using CBD with their dog or cat for various reasons, including easing their pet’s anxiety and stress, relieving their pet’s pain, for their pet’s general health and to help treat a pet disease. Specifically,

  • 44% use CBD to ease their pet’s anxiety and stress
  • 21% use CBD to relieve their pet’s pain
  • 15% use CBD for their pet’s general health, and
  • 5% use CBD to treat their pet’s disease

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Type of CBD Pet Product Used

Survey respondents reported using the following type of pet CBD product:

  • 53% use pet CBD-infused treats
  • 15% use pet CBD oil drop tinctures
  • 13% use a CBD topical treatment, and
  • 11% use both CBD oil tinctures and CBD pet treats

Reliance on CBD Lab Report Prior to Purchase

Credible brands make their CBD product’s lab report, technically called a Certificate of Analysis, readily accessible to consumers. This is done so consumers can view the type of lab tests performed, including the cannabinoid content, the potency of each cannabinoid detected, and the list of contaminants tested to ensure the product is safe to use. A lab report is important not only for this reason but because the CBD marketplace is rampant with fake and potentially dangerous CBD products. For the protection and safety of consumers, having access to a CBD product’s lab report is critical.

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In the survey, respondents were asked whether or not they check the lab report for the pet CBD product prior to buying it. Among the 727 pet owners,

  • 41% always check the lab report prior to purchasing a pet CBD product
  • 33% never check the CBD product’s lab report, and
  • 26% do not know what the lab report is for

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Frequency of CBD Usage and Amount of CBD Given to Pet

Based on the responses of 727 pet owners, a majority reported giving CBD to their dog or cat on a daily or weekly basis and in low doses.

  • 30% give their pet CBD on a daily basis
  • 34% give their pet CBD on a weekly basis
  • 28% give their pet CBD on a needs-only basis, and
  • 7% give CBD to their pet monthly

Also, 44% of pet owners reported giving their pet between 0-5 milligrams of CBD and 43% reported using 5-10 milligrams of CBD with their pet.

Length of CBD Usage with Pet

The survey asked pet owners how long they have been using CBD products with their pets.  Based on the data, the majority (64%) of pet owners reported giving CBD to their pet for less than one year.  Breaking this data down further,

  • 38% reported using pet CBD products between 0-6 months
  • 24% reported using pet CBD products between 6 months to 1 year
  • 9% reported using pet CBD products between 1 to 2 years, and
  • 3% had been giving CBD to their pet for over 2 years

In addition, 26% of the surveyed pet owners indicated using CBD with their sporadically and not on a regular basis.

Effectiveness of Pet CBD Product

Overall, 91% of pet owners reported seeing an improvement in their pet after they started giving CBD to their pet.

  • 42% noticed moderate improvement
  • 24% reported noticing a minimal improvement in their cat or dog after incorporating CBD into their regime
  • 25% reported seeing a great improvement.
  • 8% saw no improvement

Recommending CBD Pet Products

The survey asked respondents if they would recommend using CBD pet products  to other pet owners. A whopping 74% said they would likely or very likely recommend pet CBD products to other pet owners.


SourceCBD for Pets Survey: What Do Pet Owners Really Think about Pet CBD Products?, published by Leafreport and last updated on September 5, 2021.


The information provided in this post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a substitute for a vet’s advice, diagnose or treatment. Always seek the advice from a vet about a question you have about your pet’s health and any medical conditions.

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